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The adherents of our presently still operating mechanistic science say it is all humbug and the effects, if they recognize any at all, are purely suggestive. For example, when I wear a turmaline necklace, any healing or protective effect (immune response improved) is the result of my expectation, not the result of any real energies contained in gemstones.

I have for many years not been critical enough as to the controversy hypnosis as transmission of vital energy or as a result of suggestion. The initial view was that the subtle energy exists and that it is used by the hypnotizer for bringing about the hypnotic trance in the patient. This discussion is historical and you can look this up by making a Google search on ‘hypnosis’ or ‘history of hypnosis.’ The prevailing view was initiated by Dr. James Braid and can be summarized as follows:
—Any and all effects of hypnosis are purely suggestive in the sense that there is no transmission of subtle energy but the effects are the result of the patient’s suggestive state, the fact that the hypnotizer has been ’suggestive’ in one or the other way.

I am now radically getting away from this truly reductionist paradigm that has overthrown the truth that existed since millennia, that is, all in life is governed by a subtle bioplasmatic energy field and all healing is the manifestation of energy fields also called quantum fields being activated that correct the energy misbalance and restore order (the original structure of the biofield being restored). Worse, for Wikipedia, energy medicine as a whole is (still) pseudo-science.

This controversy has led to the deplorable situation that many intelligent authors such as Dr. Joseph Murphy have taken sides with mechanistic science, as they thought that recognizing the subtle energy would expose them to criticism of being ‘vitalistic’ and ‘pseudo-scientific.’ Murphy explains prayer as the congruence between conscious and subconscious minds … and where is the subtle energy in his construct of a so-called ’subconscious mind?’

The Bible talks about the Holy Spirit. This is another term for what all tribal cultures have recognized, the subtle energy that has been termed chi in China, ki in Japan, prana in India, mana or wakonda with most tribal cultures, and spirit energy by Emanuel Swedenborg, and finally orgone by Wilhelm Reich.

Thus, hypnosis is by no means the result of mere suggestion, but the effect of the hypnotizer’s high levels of subtle energy. Likewise, to explain the placebo effect meets the same bias when it is reduced to mere suggestion.

The placebo effect is not just the result of a positive expectation or suggestion. It is the result of set and setting, the context, the energies exchanged between doctors and patients, and—newest research—the fact that the brain provides the medication that the placebo pill is lacking. The brain really can produce medications by fabricating them though a complex process involving opiate receptors and various hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin.

Thus, to summarize, it is just another vintage of colonial arrogance to deny the age-old native healing traditions their foundation in the real existence of a subtle bioplasmatic energy, also called cosmic energy, and to reduce shamanic healing to mere positive expectation or suggestion on the side of the patient, which is the mainstream view among mechanistic scientists. Of course, those scientists and else skeptics have an easy game if they do not need to investigate the true reasons of positive change and healing, reducing all and everything to ‘mere suggestion’ which is a typical case of applying a reductionist subterfuge when the effort is avoided to find out about the real healing agents.

The body was considered under mechanistic science a clockwork, then since about the 1960s a biochemistry machine. In truth, these are only manifestations but not the original nature of the organism which only systems theory has revealed, thus the network-structure of a living organism that is autopoietic (autonomous or ’self-making’) and self-organizing, and the existence of a quantum field, super-string field, unified field, grand unified field or zero-point field (new expressions that replaces the former terminology of ’subtle energy’ or ‘cosmic energy’). It is the field that heals, for the field contains the original order that is restored when healing takes place on all levels of the organism, also called quantum healing.

It is in my view the most important research topic now, and will be so even more in the near future. All converges toward a transformation of physiological healing toward quantum healing which is based on the recognition of the quantum field—an expression of quantum physics that has by and large replaced the older notions of the ether or the cosmic energy.

Now it is important to see it as a field, for fields to not need the ether as a means of locomotion, which is what Einstein declared later in life while in his younger years he was a fervent proponent of the concept of the ether. But in fact, yes, fields have their own means of locomotion—in that they do not need them because fields use quantum nonlocality instead of locomotion.

The contributions of Osho are most interesting and important. He always was at the cutting-edge of the Vedanta tradition, a knowledge tradition that we in the West are really lacking to on.

What I don’t understand is that from about the 19th century, this incredible vast knowledge has not been taken over and adapted by Western science, not even by Theosophy, while theosophy made attempts in that direction. But what remains of that, after all, or what remains about it in the minds of most people? I think most people in the West do not even know what the word ‘Vedanta’ means, and that it is a knowledge tradition from India that is perhaps the vastest in the world regarding the invisible realms of existence and the embeddedness of man in the cosmic scheme of things.

What do we have to offer in the West other than the New Thought Movement which is based on a rather fundamentalist Christian conditioning. Even if you take an enlightened spirit such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, the language all these authors are using is hermetic in the sense that only people who have really studied New Thought can know.

For this and other reasons, I have totally changed my strategy now, having deleted my main New Thought site which was based on a legacy of the writer Dr. Joseph Murphy alone. When I became critical as to the limitations of this teaching I got comments of fanatical Murphy readers calling me ‘a charlatan.’ Can you imagine? But it’s all-too-typical for the dogmatic and sectarian ways spirituality is promoted in the West, and especially the New Thought movement with all their fundamentalist opinions about the Jesus myth and the like.

Then I had the idea to put up again my old New Thought site where I provide biographies of the most important New Thought authors and some of the free books and audio content to be found on the Internet. Now I have again changed ideas and will provide only the essence of this teaching on my new site.

What do I mean with essence? With essence I mean that at the basis of this teaching is the insight that we create our lives from inside out, through our recurring thoughts and accompanying emotions, and that outward circumstances do not condition this process, except we allow them to.

Quantum physics has confirmed this as it found that we create our own reality from inside out, thereby becoming co-creators, but also negatively seen that we do not ‘objectively’ partake in creation but only subjectively, in that our brain by design distorts what it perceives, our perception being conditioned, because the brain seeks self-consistency before it seeks understanding.

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