Gemstone Energy Medicine

Gemstone Energy Medicine: Healing Mind, Body and Spirit
by Michael Katz (Adapted by Peter Fritz Walter)

Gemstones and the Life Force

As matter is a form of energy, human beings are unique systems of interconnected fields of energy and information. 

Pioneering information and effective new practices are allowing gem therapy to take its rightful place as a cornerstone of energy medicine.

Physicists tell us that all matter is energy in physical form. Gemstones are certainly no exception. Formed over eons, often at high pressure, the Earth’s gemstones embody intense concentration of energy. The energies and physical properties of gemstones are already employed in many aspects of technology. The ability of crystals to conduct and transform energy is no longer a new idea to us. For example, every television, quartz clock, portable phone, and personal computer runs smoothly thanks to Quartz crystals. Today the energetic properties of gems are also being used to improve people’s health at a fundamental level.

The human form is a multidimensional system of subtle energies that create and sustain the physical body. In many alternative medical fields, these systems continue to be mapped, studied, and utlized for healing. Oriental medicine, for instance, has been studying the relationship of physical matter and subtle energies for thousands of years. Every application of an acupuncture needle attempts to access these energies to affect the body and mind.

In one sense, it may seem paradoxical to use a stone—the embodiment of earthly material—to affect subtle, nonphysical energies. Yet a closer look reveals what may not be immediately apparent—that the crystalline nature of certain gemstones and their ability to process energy have much in common with the liquid cristalline forms in our own cells. Once the mechanisms of human energy systems are more thoroughly understood and compared with those of genstone energy medicine, the elegance and power of gems as therapeutic tools can be more readily understood.

In an optimally  healthy person, the physical and subtle bodies are well aligned with each other, and the channels through which energy flows are connected and clear. The life force can flow freely from the innermost core of our being, through our subtle bodies, to the physical body. Nothing impedes this vital flow, and all the bodies receive the energy they need to perform at a peak level. This free flow of life force blesses the individual with radiant vitality, mental acuity, and a joyful inner peace.

When blockages arise in any of the subtle bodies or their connections, these blockages reduce the amount of life force flowing to the physical body. Thus, illness can originate in one subtle body, or dimension of being, and also manifest in another. We experience this, for example, when emotional strain or mental stress triggers exhaustion, the onset of a cold, or perhaps another more serious physical ailment.

As energy marks and deposits accumulate within us, they act as blockages and disruptions in the flow of life force through our subtle bodies to the physical body. Energetic deposits in one subtle body not only disrupt the flow of energy within that body; they can also block the flow in other bodies.

Gemstones for Therapy

History recounts attempts to use gems in hopes of curing ailments, attracting wealth, ensuring protection, and even experiencing higher states of consciousness. For example, the ancient Egyptians prized teh powers of Lapis Lazuli; the Minoans honored Carnelian and used it widely; in China, the near-ubiquitous use of Jade continues today in a tradion thousands of years old; and in India, the time-honored system of Ayurvedic medicine employs a variety of gems in its practices.

Introducing the Gemstone Sphere

When harnessing the healing energies of gemstones, shape matters. A gemstone’s shape profoundly affects the way a gem receives and expresses its energy—and thus our ability to benefit from its healing properties. Cutting a gemstone crystal into a sphere fundamentally changes the way that energy flows through the gemstone. 

A sphere both draws in and radiates out energy from its entire surface. Among many other benefits, this eliminates the drawbacks that arise from having a pointed and non-pointed end.

Most important, cutting a gemstone into a sphere fulfills its potential to work with all of our dimensions, physical and subtle—and thus to heal and transform our entire being. A sphere represents wholeness and infinite potential. The spherical shape unleashes a gemstone’s full healing capacity.

How Energy Flows Through Spheres

Like an electronic bucket brigade, molecule by molecule, the gem’s electrones continually transfer energy toward the sphere’s center There, the energy becomes more and more compressed and concentrated. The resulting explosion of energy charges the electrons around the sphere’s center and sparks a unique reaction: ambient energy is transformed into the type of energy characteristic for that particular gemstone.

At the same time, some of the gem’s energy takes a leap into other, more subtle, nonpysical dimensions. This leap of some of the gemstone energy into more subtle dimensions is crucial. It allows the energy emanated by gemstone spheres to resonate with and penetrate all the subtle dimensions of our own being. Herein lies one of the essential reasons for the extraordinary therapeutic potency of gemstone spheres.

The Achievement of Therapeutic Quality

Cutting gems into the proper shape is the first key to unleashing their potential as healing tools. 

To be therapeutic, a gemstone’s physical matrix must be virtually free of foreign matter. It must also exhibit all its own unique parameters for therapeutic quality, and these parameters must be present in proper proportion. 

The Seven C’s of Therapeutic Quality


Unique to each gem, character describes the nature of the gemstone itself and is determined by its unique ratio of mineral components.


Clarity requirements are unique to each gemstone type and can vary widely. For example, some gems are adversely affected by some internal flaws or cloudiness, while others are not.


Consistency is a quality that is desirable both within a sphere and within a therapeutic necklace as a whole. In general, the quality of all spheres in a necklace should be similar to each other, without a high degree of variability.


Because of the central role of shape in a gem’s therapeutic effectiveness, precision in cutting and drilling therapeutic gems is essential.


To be therapeutic, most gems must be free of adulteration, such as dye, irradiation, or kerosene. These treatments can seriously disrupt a gem’s therapeutic energies and even render them harmful to the user.


Gem condescence is an optical quality that makes a gem look like a brilliant drop of liquid color. This liquid appearance reflects an energetic quality that, when present in certain gems, indicates exceptional therapeutic potency. It is an extremely rare quality that is most often seen in colored crystalline gems, such as Sapphire, Emerald Amethyist, Citrine, and others.

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